Hagstrom Fantomen Custom

When the Hagstrom Fantomen first reached the market in 2016 it immediately became a sensation, recognized as the guitar built in collaboration together with the Swedish band “Ghost”. Many players since its release have fallen in love, not only with the stunningly good-looking design of the Fantomen but also the ease of playability, and amazing variety of tone these instruments offer.

Designed together with Ghost

The guitars three-piece maple neck-thru construction is joined by two African Mahogany “wings” to create the body of the Fantomen Custom. This classic combination produces an incredibly growling tone with a venomous bite.

Steady as a rock and built like a boulder

A supportive and extremely comfortable “volute” was added for tour worthy strength and support of the angled reversed Hagstrom headstock. Graphtech’s Black Tusq nut and revolutionary Ratio rear-locking tuners are all equipped with our recognizable Hagstrom tuning knobs for accurate and precise tuning, which all grace the face of this 6-stringed beast. Illuminated glow-inthe- dark side dot inlays will help players find their way around the stainless-steel frets on its ebony dressed bound fretboard with a ghoulish green glow, even on the darkest of stages.

Swedish Pickups

The deep and shapely recessed cutaway on the lower horn eases access the highest frets during vigorous solo’s, where Schaller’s STM bridge with its roller equipped saddles and Schaller stop tail piece relays the tone directly in this combined maple and mahogany dream. Ghost rely entirely on our Lundgren Design pickups as an important aspect of their tone. The equipped Lundgren Design No.2 (Alnico 2) neck pickup and No.5 (Alnico 5) bridge both independently splitable humbuckers, continue to deliver a mayhem of monstrous tone.

The Fantomen Custom is built to deliver a brutal and punishing resonance. No relief of density applied, only a crushing affliction of tone. These axes are not designed for the weak of heart or soul, as the punishing tone and incredible sustain and stability of these instruments are purely made to howl night after night.




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