The JP236 alto trombone is the perfect starter for orchestral musicians to start exploring the world of alto trombone playing. Some will say that it is the perfect starter model to train players to use all 7 trombone slide positions, although I would suggest talking to a teacher before choosing this as a beginner trombone, due to being in the key of Eb. The JP236 Rath Eb Alto Trombone follows in the footsteps of previous JP Rath instruments which pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible in the development of student friendly instruments. Designed in collaboration with Michael Rath, one of the UK’s finest trombone designers and manufacturers, The JP236 Rath is lightweight, free blowing and consistent across all registers, a hurdle which most lower priced alto trombones fall at.

Unique benefits

The JP236 Rath Eb Alto Trombone is constructed from high grade 80:20 brass throughout and features a .481″ bore ensuring it is free-blowing across the whole register. It also features a 7″ bell enabling greater sound projection. An exclusively designed Rath leadpipe delivers professional level sound and the instrument’s exceptional build quality is sure to inspire students to develop their playing further.

Supplied with

The JP236 Rath Eb Alto Trombone is supplied with a JP606 mouthpiece and JP859 Pro Alto Trombone Case. With a rigid yet lightweight fibreglass construction, the JP859 Pro offers maximum protection whilst maintaining ease of use and an ergonomic design.


John Packer


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