The JP232 is John Packer’s double in-line (independent) rotor bass trombone and this instrument has been very successful as a step up model in the semi professional market. For a mid range bass trombone, the JP232 is beautifully balanced with the in-line rotors and being very similar to an open wrap trombone, it blows very freely and open. The JP232 is a wonderful instrument for an intermediate player looking to move into the world of bass trombone playing, or for a more experienced player looking for an inexpensive trombone.

Unique benefits

The JP232 Bass Trombone has been praised for its well balanced and free blowing nature. The JP232 is perfect for those that need that big brass sound on a limited budget. Highly affordable without having compromised on it’s robust and well engineered construction, the JP232 features an open wrap, large bore design and sports a large 9.5″ Yellow Brass bell. To give players the option which it comes to configuring their instrument, a D slide is also included as standard.


John Packer


Vekt 10 kg


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