JP159 Bb Pocket Trumpet

The JP159 Bb Pocket Trumpet certainly packs a punch in a very small package. At only 36cm long, it is the perfect travel companion to take with you where ever you go. Whether you want to keep your lip in on your summer holiday or take it with you to football matches or other events, the compact JP159 enables you to have a trumpet on you at all times. Whereas many other branded pocket trumpets have a reduced sized bell, the JP159 boasts a full 4 3/4″ standard bell ensuring the playing experience and sound is similar to that of standard size trumpets.

The JP159 Bb Pocket trumpet is also available in a wide range of attractive finishes including red, blue, green, white and black alongside the usual lacquer and silver plate. Why not purchase one in your bands’ colours to fly the flag for your team. The JP159 comes supplied with a JP601 mouthpiece and robust but lightweight carrycase with external side pocket for small accessories, carry handle and shoulder strap attachments.
JP159 Bb Pocket Trumpet (Lacquer)
JP159 Bb Pocket Trumpet (Silver plate)
JP159 Bb Pocket Trumpet (White)
JP159 Bb Pocket Trumpet (Black)
JP159 Bb Pocket Trumpet (Red)
JP159 Bb Pocket Trumpet (Green)
JP159 Bb Pocket Trumpet (Blue)


John Packer


Vekt 3 kg

Lakkert, Rød


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