John Packer JP2057 Sousaphone

Code: 102722,102723

The JP2057 Sousaphone is the perfect instrument for the field. It will fit incredibly well within any marching band, Trad Jazz band or even an early big band. With complete ease, the sousaphone can turn from a mellow bass instrument, to a roaring forward facing monster, suitable to blast any bass line that is needed.

Unique benefits

This sousaphone features a large .687′  bore, and alongside the 26′ forward facing bell, it offers a rich, resonant tone with excellent projection and volume. The JP2057 Sousaphone also has very quick responsive valves and is perfectly weighted and shaped to allow a comfortable playing position. The leadpipe is detachable, and is assembled from 3 separate parts, allowing the player to choose the most comfortable mouthpiece position.


John Packer


Vekt 15 kg


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