The JP379FF is suitable for any pro player looking for a slightly smaller bass tuba to work in lighter orchestral projects and ensemble/chamber groups. This tuba sings in the upper register and really speaks in the lower register making this an all round fantastic instrument. Created in collaboration with Paul Riggett of Sterling Brass, the JP379 represents a fusion of professional level Sterling components and design with the affordability and durability normally associated with the JP brand.

Unique benefits
Constructed from high grade 80:20 brass, the JP379 features 4 in-line rotary valves and is a full 4/4 size standing at a height of 41.7 (106cm). With a bore of 0.748″ – 0.827″ (19-21mm) and a bell size of 16.535″ (420mm), the instrument also features carriage rings and a lyre box. The instrument also comes with 5 rotary valves to help with tuning and alternative fingerings.


John Packer


Vekt 26 kg


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