A true euphonium sound with clear highs and clean tone. This mouthpiece was originally designed by Denis Wick for the best-selling Yamaha 321 euphonium, and features a small shank with a medium bore and open backbore. The first 6BYs were made with a slightly smaller shank than the normal S fitting to help the response and intonation of the 321, but the 6BY is now made with a standard S shank. It is related to the 6BS trombone mouthpiece but at 7.12mm, has a larger bore than the 6BS, which has a bore of 6.66mm. It is a perfect match for the Yamaha 321 and ideal mouthpiece for young band musicians and players seeking a clear, resonant sound.

All Wick euphonium mouthpieces are based on the proven principles of the trombone mouthpieces and offer subtle, yet significant, refinements to the throat and backbore to complement the euphonium’s conical bore.


Denis Wick


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