Here is what Steven says;-“The Ultra 4XR has a new rounder rim, giving increased comfort to the player, with a newly-designed inner shape and slightly reduced cup depth. The result is a new feel, almost a ‘sports’ model if you like, with enormous possibilities in the higher register, with an ease of playing and crystal clear high tones. The middle range is further energised. Perhaps it doesn’t have the same weight of sound in the lower register of the regular SM4X but the notes speak so clearly, putting added energy into each phrase. Could this be the mouthpiece to give you massive confidence in the higher range, and add valuable time to your stamina? “

All Wick euphonium mouthpieces are based on the proven principles of the trombone mouthpieces and offer subtle, yet significant, refinements to the throat and backbore to complement the euphonium’s conical bore. Steven Mead models feature further refinements and result in a mouthpiece that excels in accuracy, articulation, flexibility, range and overall response.

The Steven Mead Ultra X series is for players looking for a sound that has more brilliance than the standard Ultra Series or classic Steven Mead Series. The cup has been rounded to a more defined bowl shape which adds more brilliance to the tone and provides better upper register response. The rim has been altered to have a slightly sharper inner edge which increases articulation response and accuracy.


Denis Wick


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