“The DW SM Ultra X mouthpiece has proved itself to be extremely popular since its release and has become a gold standard mouthpiece in the world of euphonium playing. They are designed and played by Steven Mead and manufactured by Denis Wick Products Ltd. They have a significant modification from the current Ultra range in that they have a differently contoured internal cup shape and cup depth. We are now very happy to introduce the newest member of the Ultra X family, the 5X. Over the last few years we have received numerous requests from musicians who prefer the number five rim and now we’re happy to introduce this high-performance mouthpiece. As with the Ultra 3X and 4X, this has great power, flexibility, and a fantastic mix of tonal centre and traditional colour. It will facilitate greater ease throughout the whole range, and especially, with this rim, in the upper register. It will also help achieve greater stamina and control.”

Professor Steven Mead


Denis Wick


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