We recognize the importance of encouraging budding young players within the world of brass band and marching drum corps and have created a new, specially designed range of lightweight marching drums aimed at the more youthful marching musician.

Our new range within the “UltraLeicht Kid’s Line” are beautifully balanced and load weight is reduced without sacrificing power or projection. Serious instruments, great fun and comfortable to play, the new “Kid’s BUL line” will integrate perfectly within the dynamic range associated with the more senior marching performer.

Ultra-light Claws – Sunk-in Tension Screws
The claws are ultra-light and extremely sturdy. All tension screws are sunk in the claw hooks.
The ultra-light lugs combine highest operational standard concerning robustness and extremely low weight.

In the design of the ultra-light lugs two things stood in the fore: sturdiness and low weight. The used aircraft aluminium has these amenities. The reduced mass leads to an extremely low weight and the shell can vibrate freely. The  result is a back-friendly drum with exceptional volume and a great projection outside.




Vekt 5 kg


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