JP277 EEb 4 valve compensating Tuba

Finally there is a good quality and responsive EEb compensating 4 valve tuba at an accessible price for students and training bands. The JP277 EEb tuba has that all important 19″ bell for a greater sound projection and features a fully compensating system enabling more accurate tuning with ease. This instrument is solidly built and incorporates all the features normally found in a professional instrument. Its low cost has ensured that it fits into the market not only as a step up model but also as a semi professional instrument and happily competes against many more expensive tubas.

The JP277 EEb tuba is supplied in a lightweight and good quality wheeled case featuring YKK zips throughout and a spacious side storage pocket for sheets music and accessories. A JP611 entry level mouthpiece also comes as standard.

JP277 EEb 4 valve compensating Tuba (Lacquer)
JP277 EEb 4 valve compensating Tuba (Silver Plate)


John Packer


Vekt 18 kg


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