The Gold-plated Rotary Channel

The gold-plated rotary channel is anti-corrosion. You may now make less effort on maintaining. (Image Model: 1240L-T)

Interchangeable Leadpipes

The interchangeable leadpipes allow players to personalize their playing experience. We offer three different leadpipes:
-Yellow brass, length 220 mm: Our standard leadpipe, less resistance for players that prefer an open, free-blowing feel
-Yellow brass, length 260 mm: Provides that little extra resistance for better slotting and articulation
-Sterling silver, length 220 mm: Same dimensions as our standard leadpipe, offers solid fundamentals and a clear attack

Removable Counterweight System

The specially designed three-piece balance/counterweight system can be installed or removed with a threaded cap easily. It allows the performers to balance their instruments and offers a better playing experience.The performers can decide whether to use the counter weight system depending on their personal preferences.


XO Brass


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